24 November 2009

Falling in love with James Ensor

I used to want to tear the world apart and put it back together again. Now I am just weary. My eyes are dry and sleepy. The cause is a mystery. I am watching Who Gets to Call it Art. And I don't know, who? Why? I began writing this only to remind myseld of an incredible artist whom I had never heard of until the show at the Musee D'Art in Paris... James Ensor, now I must learn to post images.

Walter is upstairs painting, this makes me happy.

I cannot wait to do something great. This is all I ever wanted.

23 November 2009


I am trying many things here. I am practicing patience, I think. I was in Paris last week, or maybe the week before. I found an amazing shoppe called Journal Standard Luxe. I cannot find a website, or any amazing photographs. Or anything. The card I received is cryptic. Why?

and I still cannot.
I am trying to figure this out. Sitting in Darla's living room I was convinced to give this a go. Of course Darla had the brilliant idea - when I feared NOT writing in my journal because of this - that I scan my journal pages. Amazing. I shall, but first I must learn this language. And I must also learn how to scan.