07 March 2011

This is my third year as a gardener. (the nerve!) I mean, as a sower of seeds and though I am new at this and far from having natural abilities, we did have some delicious meals last year including something minty and eggplanty, loads of cold cucumber soup (mint again) and delicious salads with blueberries, strawberries, snap peas, lemon cucumbers and loads of cilantro. Our tomatoes failed, withered wonders, some, and others grew into a mysterious green crop, began as winter approached.

Each year I find myself more and more involved and also, (I am much better at sowing and growing these seeds so far) with more little hands to help turn the soil, plant the seeds and pluck our crop. This year I have ordered loads of deliciously rainbow looking possibilities from Cubits. The shoppe is so wonderfully tempting (and promising). The photographs (2 above) are gorgeous throughout - worth the trip to Cubit's for a peek.

To finish our tiny haven in the back, in addition to the garden, Walter will finish building the studio out of reclaimed wood and coziness, and we also hope to be able to find some good little chickens which busy interfered with last year for fresh eggs and kinship. We plan to build our coop early this year in preparation and intend to expand our 'gardening' section of Peg and Awl as well. As all things Peg and Awl, we must need before the making.

a garden treasury on Etsy made by me! A Garden in the City

03 March 2011

Victoria Magazine

If only life were as calm and as beautiful (if just for a day) as it appears to be in Victoria Magazine. How is it that yesterday, a day I spent cleaning, was filled with dreams of doing something great yet to-day, a day I am spending on another Anthropologie order, I wish to throw myself over a bridge? I am considering starting a cleaning company.