29 May 2010

Mugshots and Villians

Mugshots. Such alluring countenances and icey-eyed tin-types from over ambitious sitters looking just as criminal.

I love these new little journals and will post one in my neglected Etsy shoppe. Our shoppe at The Renegade Craft Fair will be LOADED so find us!

Walter is working on a secret project simultaneously using LEAST WANTED and from it we are sneaking a few profiles.

25 May 2010

The Largest Tiny Book Library

I have been making teeny tiny books until my vision is blurred and I have to spit on my finger and smear it in my eyes to keep going... This is just a small taste of what will be at our Renegade Shoppe! booths no. 32 and no. 33 which includes:

The Black Spot Books ( theblackspotbooks.etsy.com )
Peg and Awl ( pegandawl.etsy.com )
Enhabiten ( enhabiten.etsy.com )
and Forestbound ( forestbound.etsy.com )

Our shoppe will be LOADED with amazing treasures made from discarded objects from the past. Bags from olde military fabric, ticking, et al, pillows from olde quilts and handstitched wonders, objects for the garden, bath and home from reclaimed wood, and handbound journals and jewels from antique leather. Our 'shoppe' will be constructed from olde things as well so don't miss it!

If it weren't for crummy laws you bet we'd all be camping in it on Saturday 5 June. We will have a military cot and would have a cozy fire with some kind of luscious treat. What happened to this kind of life? Instead we have to pack everything up, find a place to stay (well, we found a great place, with our ever-inspiring friends Joey and Alena (we even have a night planned of dinner, website discussion, book goings-over, and catalog talk - more work!) so I cannot complain - see Joey's amazingness here: www.blackstonesnyc.net and get your hairs cut whilst!) and re-build in the morning!

blahr. I cannot wait!

14 May 2010

Feature in Chinese magazine Little Thing

Yesterday as I was getting on my bike to ride to the hospital to meet with a new midwife and see our new little baby (still in my belly) the postman handed me Little Thing magazine. I was so excited that I tore off the plastic and showed him(!)

The magazine is book themed and features amazing olde fashioned little bookshoppes from around the world as well as book artists. Not the proper build-a-book the way they once were artists, but tear 'em up and paint on 'em and completely rearrange 'em book artists.

If anyone can read Chinese, let me know and I shall attempt to take better photographs!!!

02 May 2010

New dresses from the 1930s

A few weekends ago I found the most amazing little bunch of dresses mostly, I believe now with the help of Angela, that they are mostly from the 1930s. One may be from the 1920s. I listed one and it vanished in less that an hour. I shall list the others soon...

It is hot in here though, and I am sleepy. Søren is not here, sniff, and we are watching Where the Wild Things Are... So to-nite? Maybe... just for one little Bonnie and Clyde number... Perhaps.

Walter got us a family membership to the Philadelphia Art Museum and we went to see the Picasso exhibit to-day (because it was included in the membership) and I, erm, just don't get it. I love the story of Paris and the change but the art, shit. I didn't get a single shiver.