02 May 2010

New dresses from the 1930s

A few weekends ago I found the most amazing little bunch of dresses mostly, I believe now with the help of Angela, that they are mostly from the 1930s. One may be from the 1920s. I listed one and it vanished in less that an hour. I shall list the others soon...

It is hot in here though, and I am sleepy. Søren is not here, sniff, and we are watching Where the Wild Things Are... So to-nite? Maybe... just for one little Bonnie and Clyde number... Perhaps.

Walter got us a family membership to the Philadelphia Art Museum and we went to see the Picasso exhibit to-day (because it was included in the membership) and I, erm, just don't get it. I love the story of Paris and the change but the art, shit. I didn't get a single shiver.