25 May 2010

The Largest Tiny Book Library

I have been making teeny tiny books until my vision is blurred and I have to spit on my finger and smear it in my eyes to keep going... This is just a small taste of what will be at our Renegade Shoppe! booths no. 32 and no. 33 which includes:

The Black Spot Books ( theblackspotbooks.etsy.com )
Peg and Awl ( pegandawl.etsy.com )
Enhabiten ( enhabiten.etsy.com )
and Forestbound ( forestbound.etsy.com )

Our shoppe will be LOADED with amazing treasures made from discarded objects from the past. Bags from olde military fabric, ticking, et al, pillows from olde quilts and handstitched wonders, objects for the garden, bath and home from reclaimed wood, and handbound journals and jewels from antique leather. Our 'shoppe' will be constructed from olde things as well so don't miss it!

If it weren't for crummy laws you bet we'd all be camping in it on Saturday 5 June. We will have a military cot and would have a cozy fire with some kind of luscious treat. What happened to this kind of life? Instead we have to pack everything up, find a place to stay (well, we found a great place, with our ever-inspiring friends Joey and Alena (we even have a night planned of dinner, website discussion, book goings-over, and catalog talk - more work!) so I cannot complain - see Joey's amazingness here: www.blackstonesnyc.net and get your hairs cut whilst!) and re-build in the morning!

blahr. I cannot wait!


  1. I LOVE these little libraries!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I want a box of many many many little books!

  2. guess what??


    your library box looks fabulous.

  3. oh, and i love that all our things are old made new. it was meant to be.

  4. Stop being so amazing, Margaux! I've always loved these little books.

  5. Katie - I never know what you like. How is this? If you would like a book necklace - please choose one! (for all of the birthdays I have missed???!!!)