14 May 2010

Feature in Chinese magazine Little Thing

Yesterday as I was getting on my bike to ride to the hospital to meet with a new midwife and see our new little baby (still in my belly) the postman handed me Little Thing magazine. I was so excited that I tore off the plastic and showed him(!)

The magazine is book themed and features amazing olde fashioned little bookshoppes from around the world as well as book artists. Not the proper build-a-book the way they once were artists, but tear 'em up and paint on 'em and completely rearrange 'em book artists.

If anyone can read Chinese, let me know and I shall attempt to take better photographs!!!


  1. congratulations!! plz. bring it to renegade so i can see if you remember.
    i was already admiring the backdrop to these photos then switched over to etsy and read your note. margaux! i'm so lucky to share a booth with you and walter. i think it's going to look so good. thank you walter! will convo you later.

  2. This is fantastic! Kudos to you and your way of living -- clearly others can see the beauty in your work! Best of luck to you at Renegade....Seattle is a wee bit far from there, otherwise I'd be there. Cheers, Mandy

  3. Liane - I will have to send better photographs to you - we are giving it a test go at Art Star this weekend! And we must plan your visit and see what you would like to add/subtract! and see how we should incorporate everything for show... so excited!!!

    Oh Mandy, Seattle? Far?