20 January 2011

Yummy Book, A gift for an olde friend.

I made this book for my dear friend Neil who is in the incredible band British Sea Power. They are coming back to Phila. Yay. Along with Pete Seeger and Jim White, BSP was one of the first shows that Søren went to (out of my belly). He was a month or so in this world. It was a quietish show.

This was made from turn-of-the-century cowboy chaps. The raised bubble was where a metal piece rested for 100 years. Crazy. And then I took it off. I put a chromolithograph of foliage from an antique medical book beneath it. The day after Neil and I met we were scrounging about for foliage (which we turned into a back pack of said foliage!) for his show in DC the next day.

A year or so later his pa accidentally threw away my blanket (my baby blanket, yes.) in the community dumpster. They went fishing for it (and found it!). I was thankful for their being vegetarian for my blanket smelled only of the banana skins that it was thrown away with. (He thought it was a rag.)

01 January 2011


A new number. New things. I am going to make an effort to be better at this.

Me and a few friends have started a book club. More reading generally leads to more writing.

The first book:
Lost Horizon by James Hilton.

I have had a lot to say about this book but I will only write this: I loved it.
And ask this: Did you?

And this from it:

People make mistakes in life through believing too much, but they have a damned dull time if they believe too little.
-James Hilton

and this:

Certum est, quia impossibile - It is certain because it is impossible

post script: Happy New Year. When I awoke this morning I dreamt of eating gobs of Gruyere and a sticky bun in bed. I do not actually like eating in bed, but I did fish my wish otherwise.