10 April 2009

Baby limbs and identifying bands strewn hither and thither

This is just for a place to put things. I have a house full of vacant pages, yet I have decided that my fingers, to-nite, shall be more effective than the pen. It was Søren who begged for The Great Escape for we had been, all of this magnificent day, inside of the house. It is Friday night and though THursday is the night for trash in these parts, a holiday of sorts, brought this great fortune to me. (Perhaps there, um, is a god?) I have nearly forgotten about the wonders that can be found in other peoples trash but to-nite I was reminded and walked up and down the streets looking. There was nothing. The searchers surely, having an extra day for thorough searching have likely gathered all of the gold. Having nearly finished Utz alloud as we walked, Søren and I decided to gather dinner. The streets were crowded, leading us, afterwards to take the dark roads. A lonely house by 95 shined in a street lamp. A very dirty creature in front of the house was a-glow in the same light. And then I saw a wrist with a hospital band on it. And a face. and another. The man welcomed me, "baabclothes? awroo looking?" "Babbclothes?" there were more words, but without teeth, the sounds were not familiar.