15 February 2011

Schedules don't suck

I have recently learned that schedules do not suck. And are maybe even necessary when there are more people involved. In our case, there are four. Wow. Four people. I have been one person for so long it is so hard to believe that i am one of four.

So Walter and I have created a schedule that enables us to work and watch the boys. I will spare you the boring details, but this means that we are working/playing from 7:30 to 9:30 by schedule, but really, we work until about 2:30 am (at least for the past 5 months or so).

I must confess: It is more difficult on the 'boys' time than the 'work' time. And I am a hard worker... so all of you out there who think stay at home moms have an easy life, I will tell you they don't.

Knowing that something is looming makes it difficult to do something that always is. So, work looms and children always are (somehow) but when there is time set aside for both, even MORE gets done. I am holding Silas in my lap right now while Søren lifts an antique wooden one-pound juggling barbell looking thing over his head calling, "look mama, look!" It is my time with the boys. Søren and I have taken to reading and writing more, visiting bookstores more often (his favourite thing) and of course, experimenting. We have been collecting seeds from foods that we eat and we have planted them. We have learned some things, like replanting apple seeds from apples results in bitter apple trees more suitable for cider and other tiny details, so our planting of our seeds is merely experimental. We watched (again) a BBC show about Darwin. I tear up every time I see him and his 4 children examining critters and seeds because I want nothing more than to teach my fellows so closely. We have begun.

First we collected the seeds in baby food jars and then we wrote the labels - we have been teaching Søren to write by writing lightly first and having him trace the letters. Then we planted them in an egg carton. I hope to post our progress!


  1. this is a wonderful post Margaux! I'm also one of four and eeerything in my life is as you write!!

  2. This is one of the very best things about being a mom (whether working or stay at home), all the learning and loving and living!