05 June 2011

With a Bounty Like This...

With a bounty like this you may wonder why I feel so bad for myself. And I do. I missed a time machine of sorts and it made my heart beat funny. Walter Søren Silas and I went to the fleas this morning. There was a mysteriously wonderful amount of olde store stock. All over the market. So I axed. There was a general store in Fleetwood PA that closed years ago. Living next to it were the owners. They died and there was an auction, or 3 (last one, yesterday). The treasures and the building are disbursed. Hither and thither. So it isn't so much that I missed the stuff (though I would have loved the stuff). I missed it together, as it has been for who knows how long. All gone. Time wandering off...

(bits, preserved.)

Yeah, though I am trying to curb my 'fucks', this hear deserves the biggy. Fuck.

Aside from that, I shall show you our treasures. And my new journal! And also the fact that somehow we do not have our wretched fleet of mosquitoes this year. So actually, life is really rather superb.

And next weekend is Renegade! And Art for the Cash Poor. We signed up for both accidentally. Oops.


  1. I can relate to your thoughts on so many levels. I'd give just about anything to live at the time of my great grandparents....witnessing their homesteading days on the prairies of Colorado and Kansas. And isn't it magical hearing your young children singing? My oldest daughter, Laria, often belts out songs upon waking. Here's to many beautiful journal entries! xo

  2. Post Script: The boots were supposed to be a surprise for W. His are a wreck and he replaced them with replicas that fell apart in a second. He came up to the booth though, unexpectedly, and spotted them with glee... Grrr! So much for surprises.

    The good part of this story is that his olde boots will soon be new books!!! Hoorah!

  3. What a beautiful journal, sober on the outside and happy on the inside. I love the detail of the handsewn headbands. And those boots... a treasure for your books and necklaces!

    I very much enjoyed the sneak peek into your new journal :) very sweet.

  4. I go to so many estate sales, and I always feel sad to see the things divided up, but always hope they will end up with people who love them even if they don't know their story.