27 September 2010

Pieces Too Small To Save

W. and I returned from the Baltimore Book Festival late last night.

Whilst there we met a peculiar fellow - a cabinet maker - who told us the story of an olde farm he visited long ago. Someone invited him there because the olde man had died and they were breaking it apart to sell the bits inside and then the building itself. He was so animated in the telling. When he went into the attic, he found a cigar box (and louder) with "pieces too small to save!" Pencils whose eraser and wood was worn to the metal, small nubs of wood from various projects. There were pieces of molding tied up in newspaper from 1910!

The guy of course went on and on, but after 'pieces too small to save' I started thinking of my own project and what a wonderful title that would be.

I am still receiving envelopes and cannot wait to get further into this project. I am going choose the best pieces for variety and collage, so not all envelopes will be included. (So send your best pieces!) Some of the things that I am receiving are bigger than the pages of my book (5x2.5) and I hesitate to cut them down to fit (relinquishing the your scraps nature, and turning them into my scraps)

This morning I received a package from Amsterdam and tore into it!!! Though I am grateful for the American envelopes, I must confess, there is something super special about receiving packages from other lands!

Keep sending! I plan to eventually take some of the pages to The Printer and make prints (each artist whose scraps I use will receive an 8x10 print of their page!) and perhaps, eventually reproduce the book and make it available to all! (or some - depending upon whether it is handmade and limited, or created through Blurb or something akin)

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