20 September 2010

Scrapplings project

I have received so many great envelopes of scraps for my new little book project. This will take longer than I suspected. I will likely include the beginning in the upcoming show at Art in the Age. Depending upon the results, I would like to print each page out in limited print editions. Each artist will eventually receive a print of their scrapplings!

Thank you to all who have sent packages and to everyone else, please send envelopes and repost my request! I will be working on this for a while yet...

I know I am being scattered about this, but as I receive packages I realise that what is in my head hasn't necessarily come out.

The size of the book is 2 1/2 x 5 inches. So it is small. Please send small scraps that will fit on the page, but also, I would like the actual scraps as opposed to leftovers. The negative of what you are making. I do not want to cut or alter the size and shapes of the bits or the remains will become something else. I want the pieces to represent the artist and the artwork. The collage part will be me!

So, when you are looking for scraps find, get on your knees, dig in corners, scraps. Scraps too small to otherwise use scraps. Teeny tiny bits of what was scraps.

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